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          Browse our selection of great value & award winning red, white, rosé & sparkling wines. Free delivery to all areas within Guangdong Province for orders of 6 bottles or above.

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          1. Country New Zealand
            Region Waipara
            Grape Riesling

            Greystone Riesling

            Grape: Riesling
            This off-dry wine is rich in fruit layers balanced by natural freshness. Showcasing wonderful balance & complexity, it has a great cellaring potential.

            Wine type: White Wine
            Vintage: 2015
          2. Country New Zealand
            Region Waipara
            Grape Riesling

            Greystone Basket Star Riesling

            Grape: Riesling
            A sweet/dessert wine which is nicely balanced with natural acidity. The perfect match for an end of dinner dessert and worthy of Best Dessert Wine by the Air NZ Wine Awards.

            Wine type: Dessert / Fortified
            Vintage: 2011
          3. Country New Zealand
            Region Marlborough
            Grape Riesling

            Sugar Loaf Riesling

            This gentle Riesling displays aromas of lime & white peach on a full rounded palate. A medium-sweet style which is balanced with bright acidity providing a refreshing & mouth cleaning finish. A low alcohol content of 10.5% makes this a lovely lunchtime option and a perfect partner to Asian fare & spices.

            Wine type: White Wine
            Vintage: 2018

          Items total 3